2009 Subaru Forester leak

I had a leak from somewhere that soaked the entire passenger side floor (carpet/foam pad front and back).
I had just washed my car a few days before, and we had a long heavy rain. When I turned on the blower, then the a/c, it sounded like water rushing through my cabin filter above the glove box. ???

Your AC drain is clogged. Usually you can see the drain by opening the hood, it will be on the firewall on the passenger side. Your owners manual MIGHT show the location. After unclogging the drain, check your cabin air filter, it is probably wet and will need replacement. This is not an uncommon occurrence. I discovered mine was totally clogged when Iwas in a brushless car wash and got about a half gallon of water in the passenger side footwell.

Thank you! Any tips on quickly drying the squishy wet pad under the carpet?

I shop-vac’d the hell out of it, and the carpet seems dry, but when I press down,

I can still hear/feel water underneath. It’s probably resting in the metal cavities.

All I did was wet vac, then left windows open with the car in the sun.