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Soaked back seat

I left my car at Denver International Airport for 5 days. When I left it there the temp was 70 degrees when I returned it was 28, burr. Unfortunately I had a case of bubble water in glass jars that exploded in the back seat soaking the upholstery. Since then my car is always fogged up. I live at 8,500 ft and we have been having temps down to 30below zero and my car is fogging up from the inside. The outside defrosts before the inside and the longer I drive it the worse it gets. Wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to dehumidify my car? Someone told me to get a can and fill with cat litter and poke holes in the lid and that would help to draw moisture out of the fabric. Any ideas?

Take the back seat out of the car.
Put it in the garage.
Deal with the soaked seats in the garage.