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So many posts die or never say thanks!

I am relatively new and try to help people when I can, I have see many a faithful knowledgeable responders give great answers to questions. The posts get buried without a thats what it was, or it was this, much less even a thank you. I guess I want to say thanks to the people who give great responses to questions and whak the head of those who get an answer and don’t have the courtesy to say thank you, or even let us know how a problem was resolved.

It’s always been that way and probably will continue to be that way. About all that can be done is throw some info out there and hope some of it sticks.

Another irritating problem is when someone posts a problem without providing any info about the vehicle, the symptoms, or they fail to provide further details when asked. The tiny details is what can help to formulate at least a half-guess anyway.

Creating a post just to say thank you gives old posts unnecessary bumps to the top of the list. Add to that a “your welcome” post. Who needs love-fest gushing spam?

We have ways of making them talk. If a poster has a 19 year old car that has always had a bad reputation for reliability, just tell him to junk it. If it turns out that he can’t afford a newer car and HAS to get his old one going, he may write back to say how easy he fixed it and how wrong I (excuse me, you) was/were. Maybe. That’s all the thanks I need. I keep telling myself that I don’t want to destroy a mystery.

Yes, it seems like the clientele here has been getting very young and very inexperienced. They just seem to pop a question in and never return for the answer or to help the educational process in what the real problem was. Throw in the problems this site is having with just staying usable and its a downward spiral like the rest of the country.

It would be nice if the original posters would respond; but, they don’t… for a pile of reasons.
I don’t need the gratitude, though it’s nice to be appreciated…You’re welcome!
I, and some others, want feedback to gage the benefit, and effectiveness, of the advice given. Some of my responses are of an experimental nature. I need to know the results for the next person with a similar problem. I consider it along the lines of, “I scratch your back, and, by your response, you can (through me) scratch some other person’s back.” Altruistic, ain’t I?

Not to mention that their post tends to get buried several pages deep after awhile. I check this site once a day usually and have to sift through about 5 or 6 pages of threads to find out where I left off the night before. Imagine making a post then forgetting about it until 3 or 4 days later, or the following weekend. That’s a good 10~20 pages to sift though to find your old thread

hey, i for one am no great mechanic, i want to say i am really thhankful for you guys out there that help get problems solved. i am reluctant to post a thank you if i dont get to read the reply till the next day for the same reason metioned about bouncing a old issue to the top. but thanks a bunch for sharing tons of info on demand!

If you, as the person seeking an answer to a question don’t have the confidence of knowing that a definitive answer has been supplied, then it is easier to leave the post open rather than say “Thank You” which might tend to preclude additional replies.

Thank You.

Love-fest gushing spam?

What planet are you on? All it is is a bit of politeness and thoughtfulness.

Ok4450 could not be more right when he says we have an irritating problem with the lack of vehicle identification and other pertinent information in the original posts.

Over the years we’ve been on this forum, we’ve continually asked for more info to be able to give a coherent answer.

Thanks would be nice but I think what’s more enjoyable is the way the posters on this forum figure things out sight-unseen, share their thoughts, and help each other to be better gear heads. Not everyone is a mechanic but many different talents come out in the perspectives offered to questions posed. I thank each and every one of you guys for your insightful dialogue. Rocketman

Is asking me what planet I’m on polite or thoughtful?

If you want to re-visit a post at any later date, write the title of the post down. Then, when you want to go to it, click on Search, and enter the title in the Keyword block. Alternatively, do a google search using the title (as accurately as you can remember it).
I just googled “so many post die”, and this page was one of the google hits.

Why Can’t The Submit A Car Question Box Be A Form With Spaces For Make, Model, Year, Miles, Engine (if known) And Transmission?

[b]Please provide the following:

Make: _______________
Model: _______________
Year: ________________
Miles: ________________
Engine (if known):___________
Transmission (automatic or Manual):__________

Please use this space for your question:[/b]

I’ve become addicted to the website, beginning with my VW beetle question several weeks ago. I hope you guys saw my thanks…I think especially to hellokit, rocketman, and Joseph Meehan You guys were a tremendous help. The answer was in finding a great independent mechanic, Passport motors in Chapel Hill
Now I read the site daily as it helps me pinpoint areas I should address in caring for my car, in addition to what the owner’s manual recommends. I’m sorry that more folks don’t take time to express their gratitude, but believe me when I say you all have been a huge help to me!

Absolutely the minimum.
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I wholeheartedly agree.
We can far better help others if we know the results of the suggestions we’ve offered.

And I too suggest some “out there” ideas and would like to know if they helped.