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So I named my Blazer Christine

My Blazer has been giving us fits since last summer. It never acts up when I take it in to be repaired or shows any codes on the diagnostic machine. What it does to me is… it won’t start everytime I try and when I get it started sometimes it pops it’s own trunk and won’t stay started unless I keep my foot constantly on the gas. I had the battery and alternator tested and they’re both fine. The last time I went to the mechanic I left it there for 4 weeks and it started fine for them, but as soon as I got it home, it started doing it again. I am hoping someone might have some insight as to what is going on.

i like that christine,i have had a few christine car in my time.what model blazer are we talking about.

Reminds me of something my son-in-law told me. He works as an FAA long distance radar tech. The railroad a mile or two away had to install a special fence along the tracks. The radar pulses were blowing out the electronics on the train.

This is an awful long shot, but you don’t live by some sort of high powered electronic site, or electric transformer station, do you?

Sorry, but only '58 Plymouth Furies are allowed to be named Christine…

A little more info would help, like year , engine, and mileage. But the stalling problem sounds like the idle air controller and/or throttle position sensor are involved.

Do you have a remote entry system? You might be activating it accidentally. I keep setting off the panic alarm in my wife’s Altima because the buttons on the fob aren’t recessed and they get pressed in my pocket. A few times, we have found the front windows rolled down for the same reason.

Year, mileage, engine, maintenance history please.

Is there a specific set if conditions under which this happens, like after you’ve been on the highway?

Once we have more info in the car we’ll be able to help more. If it’s an old carburated beast it’ll be a whole different set of suggestions than if it’s a modern multiport injected engine.