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4 wheel drive

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger, 4 wheel drive. After 8 years and 18,000 miles the sift control module was replaced as the PU didn’t go into 4 wheel drive. For these 8 years when putting it into 4 wheel drive, it went in very smoothly. After the module was replaced, it kuncks into 4 W. D. The mechanic says it’s OK. I find it hard to agree. If it is ok, will the kuncking hurt the transfer case or any thing else?

Describe for the others how you put it in 4WD and what is the right way according to the owner’s manual. Clunking is OK for the mechanic. He’s not the owner.

Just taking a wild stab in the dark, but it’s possible that the old shift solenoid moved slowly and the new one moves more quickly and positively, possibly due to a redesigned part. That is an extreme guess, but the rather-high rate of failure of these parts would make me think that they’d redesign a more heavy-duty one with a more positive (harsh) action.

As pleasedodgevan indicated, more information about the harshness of the shift and the procedure that you’re following would be great.