Snow Tires


I’ve just moved to Anchorage from “the land down south” and am anticipating driving in Winter. EVERYONE here says that studded tires are required here. OK, I’ll put studded tires on the front wheels of my 97 Taurus. I have a pair of regular snow tires. Should I put these on the back? Is there any advantage of having snow tires on the non-traction wheels? Thanks to anyone and everyone who reads this and writes a response! Tom


Yes! The snow tires in addition to helping you go, also help you do other things you might want to do, such as turn and stop. In fact, you always want the tires that have the best traction in the back, even on a front-drive car, because if you lose traction in the back, but not the front, your car will go into a spin. Evenly matched snow tires are best.


For those who mount winter tires, they are now considered to be essential on all 4 wheels–unless you relish the idea of the rear end of the car winding up where the front end should be. Even on the non-drive wheels, winter tires give greatly increased traction for both cornering and for braking.


Thanks for this helpful response!


Thanks for this helpful response!