Studded tires or non for winter driving


studded tires or non?

which is best for winter driving on a fwd and rwd vehicle?


I’m assuming you mean studded vs. non-studded snow tires. Obviously studded tires are better than summer tires in the snow, otherwise nobody would buy them.

Good studded tires are still the best in the snow & ice, but studless winter tires have gotten very good over the years. Studless tires are better on dry pavement than studded tires and you don’t have to worry about the studs wearing down if you leave them on too long (although they still do wear faster than all-seasons). Studless tires are generally more expensive, too.


Studded is good for some conditions. What do most drivers in your area do? In most areas they are not needed and in many areas they are not legal (they damage the roads.).

Remember winter tyres on all four wheels, not just the front. It is for your safety. Remember that if you are having a difficult time getting going, stopping is going to be far worse. Drive with care.