Snapped bolt

My friend snapped a bolt on his car and its ties the transmission housing to the motor, where the flywheel is.

I say you are OK to drive and he wants to drill it out.


It could possibly be ok, but a lot could depend on the vehicle and the bolt pattern. If it’s one in the middle of the pattern, and it also has a couple of dowel pins, then it should be ok. Knock on wood.
Personally, I would not feel good about leaving it like that, especially if it’s one on a lower corner.

Your friend should also be aware that if he drills it out and breaks an EZ Out off in there that he’s in big trouble. If he must use an EZ Out, use the spiral, square ones.

Did he break it off trying to remove the trans or was it broken from reinstalling and overtightening?

You are probably correct, as vehicle manufacturers are notorious for wasting time, manpower, and materials on putting unnecessary fasteners into the mechanical components of their vehicles. Certainly it is not really important to have the engine and the transmission securely connected. While you are at it, why not suggest that your friend also loosen the motor mounts, or perhaps discard them altogether?

If you have not already sensed it, I am being extremely sarcastic, as a result of your cavalier attitude toward the situation. Yes, he needs to repair this before driving the vehicle, and I am amazed that anyone would think differently.

Well put. Couldn’t have said it better.

Willey, logged off again.

If your friend drives down all nicely paved roads and doesn’t drive the vehicle hard take sudden turns missing one bolt will probably be fine. I sure wouldn’t chance it.

No is the safe answer but yes, it probably is ok to do. Make sure that the others are torqued to spec.