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2004 Grand Jeep Cherokee

I have a 2004 Grand Jeep Cherokee with only 55k miles. It recently started to have smoke come out from under the hood. It looks like it’s overheating but it’s not (that i know of!). I popped the hood and there is a stream of liquid coming out of the front (i think it’s the radiator). Do I just need to have a hose replaced? or is it grimmer than that???

Judging from your questions, you may need to have the situation assessed by someone a little more car-savvy. The most likely problem is in fact a burst hose. Do not drive the vehicle until the coolant level is checked, or you’ll risk overheating the engine. If the leak is small enough, you can drive the truck to a repair shop, but you’ll have to keep an eagle-eye on the temperature gauge.

Thanks!! It looks like a small leek judging the tiny stream of liquid coming out.

Hopefully the leak is just due to a loose hose connection and tighening a clamp will fix it up. You may need to top off the coolant system before you start it up again if the coolant level is down some, and I suspect it is. Like NYBo stated, you do not want to drive the car while the coolant is low. If you have to add coolant then use a 50/50 mix of coolant and water.