Smoke Odor in Escape

Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of cigarette smoke smell? Purchased a used '08 Escape in great condition - but former owner was a heavy smoker. Changed cabin filter, used Febreze Auto, and Ozium, also shampooed carpets with Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner with Odor Eliminator. This has helped quite a bit, but the odor is still there. Any tips appreciated. Thanks

PS - have tried baking soda, and coffee.

Replace all the seats, carpet and headliner. I have a friend that burns incense in her car. It’s pretty overwhelming so maybe that would get rid of the cigarette smell. Just be careful not to set your car on fire.

Nope! Once a smoker gets in a vehicle and starts smoking, it permiates every portion of the interior of the vehicle.
How do I know? I’m a smoker!

You can live with the smell, or sell it to someone who smokes.