Car that smells like cigarette smoke

We just bought a used car smells like cigarette smoke. Any ideas how to eliminate the odor?

Take your car to a detail shop and have them shampoo and clean the interior. First see if they can tell you if they can remove all or most of the cigarette smoke smell and not mask it by fragrances.

This may be hard to do because you will also have the smell in your duct work for your heat and A/C system. See if the detail shop can clean it also.

Or plan two, you can try the cheap fix of using the spray stuff sold for that use at the auto parts store.  Don't bet that that will work, but it may and it is cheap.  

Last you may need the heavy guns.  These are the guys (and ladies) at the fire restoration companies.  They specialize in getting rid of fire damage in homes and the same techniques and tools work in cars.  They can handle almost any car.