Smog Test


I purchased a 1987 Jaguar XJ6 VDP which had been driven little for about 10 years and was up on blocks ina garage for the last 6 years. Got it going with a tune-up, new spark plugs & wires, cap and rotor, fresh oil & filter, etc. I had a CA smog pretest today and it showed hydrocarbons at 140 (should be 120 or less) and carbon dioxide at 6.0 (should be 1.0 or less). Numbers provided by smog shop. I believe that this car can be manually adjusted. Please help me pass this test!



Fresno, CA


I would say that if it can’t be adjusted, that you need a new catalytic converter. Oxygen sensor comes to mind also. I have no idea if old gasoline can have an effect. I don’t think so. The manual adjuster is on the back of the smog testing machine.


I believe this car has fuel injection. Then, the ECM is not getting the correct info, and running rich. My FIRST suggestion is get a new oxygen sensor. I’m hoping that a new air filter and PCV valve were already done.