Smog issue re 97 Jaguar XJ6



Here’s my dilemma regarding my 1997 Jaguar XJ6. I live in CA and took the car in recently for required smog testing. Had to take it to the most sophisticated testing station, a Gold Shield Station, because it failed the test at the standard smog test station. At the Gold Shield test facility I was told that it needs oxygen sensors (2 I believe) and a new catalytic converter (only one is bad but they are only sold in pairs). Total cost would be $4500. The car is only worth about that much if in very good condition. The mechanic said I could try replacing the oxygen sensors ($900) and see if it passes the smog test, but if it doesn’t the money is essentially wasted as I’d have to spend the additional amount to replace the cat converters in order to get it to pass. In CA you cannot buy cat converters from a salvage yard - they must be new, and for the Jag only the dealer sells them. And if I sell the car, it has to pass the smog test unless I sell it to a dealer or to a Gold Shield facility operator. I love the car and would like to keep it, but if necessary maybe I could sell the car into another state where it would have more value as it could be tested and pass more easily or be less expensive to fix. I’d be very appreciative of any input. Thanks!


California is collapsing because people like yourself just get sick of the BS and pack up and leave, taking their tax money with them.

Your car has zero net worth in California. But only perhaps half the people in the United States are subject to Emissions Testing. These people are not concerned with CEL’s or catalytic converters so your car still may have some value in a “no test” area…

Also, can’t you sell it in California as a “Parts Car”?? Sometimes cars like this are worth more as parts then they are as operating vehicles…You can sell ANYTHING on e-Bay or craigslist…


$900 for a pair of O2 sensors? That seems extreme. I’d try the O2 sensors. New ones often correct a “catalyst below threshold” condition. Can’t you get the sensor from someone besides the Jag dealer?


mcparadise, thanks for the response. I will check into a cheaper source of oxygen sensors.