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Smog Cleanup

It seems about 30 yrs have gone by since I had read about cleaning up smog via cars in L.A. rooftop parking garages using solar devices installed in conjuction with car’s radiator system. Why hasn’t the auto industry picked up on this?

OK. I’ll bite. What type of device are you talking about? What kind of device combines solar power and a car’s cooling system?

Sorry, I’ve never heard of that one.

30 years…let’s see…that would be mid to late '70s…

I suspect the article you’re referring to was about cleaning up smog and included in it two different technologies, one being automotive which may have discussed the raising of engine operating temperatures via higher temperature thermostats (T-stats used to be 165F typically, in the '70s they went 20 to 30 degrees higher), and the other being some type of solar powered scrubber system for the air in enclosed parking garages.

The first technology was incorporated in all cars. Higher cylinder temps mean more complete combustion. EGR systems and antiknock systems were developed to compensate for the problems inherent to higher cylinder temps.

The second technology is just a wild guess of mine. I know nothing of it. It just seemed logical.