Parking car in unventilated hot garage - bad thing?

Hi everyone,

This may be a silly question but I live in Texas and moved to a house and the garage has been getting super hot. Do I have to worry about parking my car in this furnace type atmosphere, without leaving the garage door cracked open, ie. the excessive heat affecting any mechanical parts or causing the tires to break down faster over time?

I don’t want to leave the door open because of bugs (we have a lot of them here!) and whatever else may try to get under that crack.

Thanks in advance!

Direct sunlight fades paint and destroys rubber. But that’s not your worry.

Cars in the Middle East sit in that heat all year long. I would not worry about it. Just do not keep any cans of gasoline in your garage; the vapors may cause a fire. We put such things in a garden shed well away from the house.

The temp is not going to hurt it. It likely would be hotter outside in the sun and outside the paint and interior will get more sun damage. It likely is better off in the garage.

Parking in a garage is better than parking outside. Period. Don’t worry about the heat. It’s the sun that kills tires and paint.

Don’t worry about the temperature. I have a '96 that’s in great shape after 14 years of that treatment in Dallas.

^ Exactly !

And I recommend against leaving the windows sligtly or all the way opened on the car. All sorts of bugs, followed by all sorts of spiders will start nesting inside your car.

Have you considered ventilating your garage roof?

Thanks everyone, I feel a lot better now. I have not considered ventilating my garage roof, how much effort would that be?