Removing deodorizer odor

We recently bought a used 2004 Honda Accord from a Honda dealer. When we looked at the car, it smelled like the previous owner had smoked nonstop. We asked the salesman if they could remove the smoke odor. He said they had an “Odor Doctor” who was an expert in shampooing and otherwise cleaning car interiors. We specifically asked that the Odor Doctor not add new odors to mask the smoke. When we saw the car again, it had the strong distinct odor of the disinfectant block in public urinals. The salesman assured us the odor would dissipate in a few days, which, of course, we doubted. But the car was such a good deal, we decided to get it anyway. So, the obvious question is: how can we get the deodorizer odor out now? Thanks for any help.

In this case the salesman is telling you the truth. (Trumpets! Fanfare!) The odor will indeed dissipate in a few days.

If you are really impatient you can try any room deodorizer that works by an activated charcoal filter. That may cut the natural time in half.

If you can park it with the windows at down, or at least partially cracked, that will help too. On the slight chance that it DOESN’T go away, you may want to visit a detail shop which has an odor ionizer. I’ve used one on ex-smokers cars and even rental properties with good results. You may also be able to rent one from an equipment rental shop. Just plug it in and forget about it overnight.

make sure they didn’t leave a block of deodorizer somewhere in the car.

Turn up the heat and let the air flow. The more air flow and the warmer it is, the faster that odor will go. It will go.