Smelly and then... no air

I was driving with my heat on and then started to smell a burning/chlorine-like smell coming from the vents so I turned off the air. When I went to try the air 10min later, nothing came out. No evidence that its even trying. Dead silent and nothing. Any ideas?

Blowing cold air or blowing no air? No air is likely the fan switch. You probably smelled it burning up.

No air at all…

yep, the blower is shot, or the wires to the blower are shot. Check the blower fuse, it is most likely also blown, and that will be the clinching clue to the root cause.

There is probably a variable resistor between the blower and switch that may have fried, make sure you know what part is bad before you replace it. Disconnect the blower motor, check your fuse and see if you have any voltage at the blower motor plug. if so motor is bad, if not work your way back.