Smell gas inside the car




I have a 2001 Nissan altima. Recently fixed after an accident. Now my car inside smells gas while I am driving it. The gas fume seems from the back of the car. I tested the air conditioner, the gas fumes do not come out from the air ventilation. Also, the fuel gage did not work (shows empty tank even is full). My mechanism told me I need to replace the tank. I wonder if you can shine me some lights how should I handle this.



Where was the crash damage? Front or rear? The fuel gauge sender is inside the tank, as is the fuel pump. It’s possible that some of the plumbing, or possibly the tank itself, was damaged in the crash. If so, it should have ben fixed when the body work was done.

Gasoline leaks are potentially hazardous. There is, of course, the risk of fire, but breathing gasoline fumes is not healthy and you really should have this fixed ASAP.