Jetta 2001- car smelling gas for past 4 days,but no leaks found

I have a 2001 jetta 2.0 engine, I had just spent lots ofmoney again, - replace air flow meter, theromstat, sensor, coolant housing - after all that last frinday when i went into the car after work I started to smell gas, I drove and wind the glass down, it is not leaking however it is a high smell. - kindly adivse - urgent, urgent - kind regards,

Do you smell it in the cabin, only in the cabin, under the hood, at the back of the car, near the fuel fill point, with a full tank with an empty tank, when parked on a hill (facing up or down)???

I would assume a small leak was created by the recent work, If you had a shop do it, bring them the car and have them track down the leak.