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Smart key makes fob dumb

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger with 2 Smart keys and two unlock/lock/help me! fobs. My husband carries one set, so I only have one Smart key and “dumb” fob at a time, and here’s why I call the fob “dumb”: If I want to leave my dog, Raggz (Raggedy Anne) cooling in the a/c while I pop into a store in 100+ degree weather, the key fob won’t unlock the door. I can leave the key turned in either direction so the radio’s on and it’ll still work, but not with the engine running. Suddenly, my high-tech key fob is rendered useless, and I have to leave the a/c going with one window cracked just far enough that I can get my semi-skinny arm between the rain-guard and the top of the window to reach down and manually push the unlock button–no easy feat, I promise…and it involves bruising…and waiting for folks to leave so no one sees me reaching in and gets any funny ideas about stealing cars–especially when it comes to thinking that I’m stealing my own truck!

So, what can I do? Is my dumb fob really dumb, or is that the way it’s supposed to work? I think the dumb fob shouldn’t be able to lock the doors with the key in and the truck running (so I’d never have to call a locksmith)…but if I can hit the lock button with it running, then step out and close the door and not be able to get in using the dumb fob…doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Any ideas, boys?

Get a duplicate key made. Not the key with the electronics inside, just a duplicate metal key. You can use it to unlock the door only. It won’t start the engine, but it’s way cheaper than the electronic key.

There is a very simple solution to this problem. You can have a spare key made for a buck or two at almost any hardware store. You don’t need the electronic part of the key, just a key to unlock the door. Leave the “smart” key in the ignition and carry the spare with you so you can unlock the door when you come out of the store.

Ooh! I thought those “smart” keys set off a theft alarm anytime you tried to use a cheap-o key. Now I know it’s just the ignition you can’t stick it in. Excellent! Thanks!

When you try this, have the second key remote handy, and do it withOUT the dog inside.

Is it possible that the battery in the “dumb” fob is dead? Have you looking in your Owner’s Manual for answers?

I believe this is normal not to be able to unlock as well as lock your doors with the remote when the truck is running or your ignition is in the run postion.

I’ve had two other Fords with the key lock remotes that did this same thing.

Erm, I learned today that I can’t have a cheap copy of a smart key made. The “cheap key machine” will screw up the smart chip if I do that, at least according to the guys at Walmart…anybody ever actually had a cheap key made from a smart Ford key? If so, where?

The guys at WalMart have no clue. Take it to a locksmith. Copying the key to a plain blank should not affect the “smart” function of the original, it’s just that the copy won’t work in the ignition because it doesn’t have the “smart” piece. A locksmith will understand that you just want it to work the door lock.

Ranck’s right, I’ve done it before, it’s not a big deal.

Go back and tell the guys at Walmart that it is possible to cut these keys without screwing up the origanal PATS key. I’ve had my PATS key cut at our local Walmart for two diffrent trucks without any problems. They also didn’t charge me for it either!

The FOB is working as designed on nearly all cars. FOB’s unlocking and likely locking the car are disabled when the engine is running. I found this out too but luckily picking up the car from a body shop that had “methods” to regain entry into my car.

My Chevy Astro DOES allow me to use a pull-apart key ring, which has an ign key on BOTH halves… I take the remote half with me, when unlocking a car, or servicing someones’ antitheft system.

But my new Dodge Sprinter ( MErcedes ) acts like the Fords described here… it sucks…

The only remedy is an aftermarket remote keyelss entry… But I NEEED to be able to secure the Locksmith Van, when on a call, without turning off the engine.

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Go on ebay and get a smart key for $10. You have two keys now, if you ever loose one key it will cost you $100 to get another one made. With two keys you can program a third one yourself.