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Smart car shop/service maintenance manual?

My wife bought a new 2007 Smart Passion Cabriolet ForTwo. She loves the car but while the dealer in San Jose promised us he’d get me a service manual, he didn’t.

Does anyone know where to get the real deal like from Mercedes?

Smart says buy daily memberships of their website but you can’t print off it plus it gets pretty pricey after a few days. Haynes won’t touch it and has no plans to do a book on it. Smart is playing dumb. Two European sites couldn’t deliver neither would Mercedes.

I’d love to hear any suggestions (aside from the Right to Repair Act that Congress has had sitting around for about three years and done nothing with.

Thanks for any input you can provide.


I don’t think you’re going to find any sort of repair information on this vehicle. Be it in hard copy or on the web. I just went on two of my internet vehicle repair sites, and neither listed the SMART vehicle for repair/maintenance information.


Thanks for looking. The ones I’ve found aren’t really OEM manuals. They’re mostly knock offs or some collections of service bulletins. Of course Penske Motors that imports the car doesn’t want to release them because of perceived economic harm to dealer service and parts sales. Course, when an airbag goes off on someone and kills or injures them because they couldn’t figure out how to disarm it, maybe then they’ll start making this stuff available to the owners and independents. (That’s my editorial for this week).