Small leak in the front on the passenger side

My Toyota Camry (2000) has recently developed a small leak on the front passenger side of the car. The water seems to be coming in from the bottom of the front door about two inches from the door hinges since I can clearly see a water stain there. My mechanic has tried to locate the leak and he seems to think that it may be the windshield. He claims that he hosed it down and he thinks it is the windshield. To repair it he suggested that I will have to re install the windshield. How can I be sure of this?

How does water from the windshield get into the door? The only pathway from the car body to the door is the rubber boot that covers the wires that run into the door.

Have someone pull off the door panel and look inside the door with an inspection mirror while someone outside the car sprays the door with water. If the water is coming into the door through the rubber boot that carries the wires from the body into the door, then it probably is a windshield leak. But if it’s coming from somewhere else in the door, it’s the door itself that’s leaking, not the windshield.

If your mechanic doesn’t want to bother to do this, find someone else who will. Just guessing is not acceptable and usually doesn’t solve water leaks.

First, check along the bottom of the door to make certain the drain holes are open. Poke a stiff wire up these holes. If this doesn’t solve the problem, your best bet is a body shop

You may have two separate issues. The water stains could be from clogged door drains per Triedaq, or they could actually be OK but still causing the stains without the water getting inside the car. You may also have a clogged evaporator drain in your ducts for your AC. That is easily cleared with a little compressed air.