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Small bulge on tire


I have a smallish bulge(bubble) on the sidewall of my (low profile) tire that sticks out about 1/2". Does this mean automatic replacement?

This is my wife’s car for moving babies about.


Don’t mess around with questionable tires with the wife and kids lives on the line!! Is $150 worth the gamble? Really?


You may have to buy 4 if it is an AWD Subaru…if so do not hesitate to do so…tires are cheap insurance

YES!!! Yesterday!!!

Do Not procrastinate!!!

As Scotty used to say to Cap’n Kirk, “she’ll not take much more Cap’n”.

This tire is in immenent danger of catastrophic failure. Internal damage has occurred.

It’s nothing to mess with. Replace it right away.

Thanks, I just noticed it tonight.

I was hoping till next winter on these worn tires(45k).

I will drop the $600-$700 on a new set of tires.

“I will drop the $600-$700 on a new set of tires.”

New tires - a few hundred bucks.

Babies - priceless!

New tires will be the best investment you’ve made up to this point in your life.

Are your wheels 17" or larger?

Is this an actual bulge or one of those sidewall dimples that may appear as a bulge?
If it’s the latter then it could be entirely normal and nothing to worry about as that is caused by the mold when the tire was formed.

Usually, if it’s “normal”, there is a series of ripples, not just one…

One 1/2 bulge is NOT good, a curb bruise which radial tires are very tender about…

I am not sure if dimple vs bulge. However it is singular, my wife hit a massive pothole last week and it may be related.

Also the V-rated 215/45/17 tires are at 4yrs/43k mile. Do mold defects show up latter in life?

215/45/17’s in XL load and V-rated

No. Mold defects are there from the beginning. They just get easier to see as the tire ages. Just take the vehicle to bright sunlight and wet them. Look down along the sidewalls and you will see them. Bulges are blowouts in the beginning stage.

A 1/2" sidewall bulge is a sure sign of internal damage.

Enough procrastinating, head to the tire store immediately. The lives of your loved ones are at stake.

I totally agree that if it has a real bulge in it that it should be replaced. I’m only pointing out that a fair number of tires may have an area that people mistake as a bulge when that is not the case.

Tire is getting replaced ASAP and car is parked.

Wife took the car to library 1 mile away. It now turned into a 2" long crack in the sidewall.

Pot-holes and 45 aspect ratio tires and wheels were made for each other. When you hit the hole, the sidewall compresses right down to the edge of the rim and that can easily damage the tire…Ouch!