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Name for Snow Hanging Off Cars

The name for snow hanging off the undersides of cars is SNOWBEARDS, of course! (beards of snow)

They are called CHUNKERS. Back in the '70s WCCO radio’s Steve Cannon had a “chunk kicker’s club”. I still like to kick chunkers to this day; it’s oddly satisfying. Just be careful to pick a day closer to freezing or you can seriously hurt your kicking foot. Personally, I carry a stick in my car to knock the chunkers off before I park my car in the garage. Tidy move.
I also take my car through the car wash closest to my mechanic before taking my car in for winter service. And counsel others to do the same. Common courtesty! I think part of this comes for being married to “the mechanic” for 20 years and hearing how miserable it was to work under a dripping car.

wheel zits

Collectites, naturally!


My wife calls them Ice Boogers.

Fender berries

This somehow seems to be related:

I’d call them “snowcicles”.