Sluggish Honda

My 2001 Civic, after stopping at a light, suddenly refused to go more than 20mph. Anyone else had this problem?

More information please?

Was your hand brake on? Were there any other symptoms?

No, checked that. Went to and found 400 others with same problem-all 2001 Civic.

Sandeelee, Was The Engine Revving Up So That The Car Should Have Been Going Faster Than It Was Or Did The Engine Refuse To Rev Up As If You Weren’t Pressing The Gas Pedal Far Enough ?


Any Thing Unusual On The Instrument Panel, Like A “Check Engine” Light Illuminated Or A Gauge Out Of Normal Range, Etcetera ? Was The Engine Running Smoothly ?

Manual transmission or automatic trans?

Did the tachometer show higher than normal “revs” while the car was going only 20 mph, or were the revs in a normal range?

When was the last time that the spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter were changed?

You are still giving us no useful info. If you want agreement that 2001 Honda Civic has a mfg defect we can’t even give you that without some info. Your car is now 10 years old and lots of things could result in “sluggish” performance.

sandeelee, what people are trying to say is that there isn’t some"thing" that will create a feeling of “sluggishness” in a car. There are a very large number of things. That is why just saying a car is sluggish doesn’t give anyone any basis on which to give advice. Its sort of like going to the doctor, just saying “I don’t feel right” and expecting to get useful medical advice.

So if you can clarify by answering the kinds of questions people have asked (especially about basic maintenance history) that might make this a useful discussion.