Slow drip of diesel



We have a 2003 VW diesel jetta wagon with 63K miles. Always ran this on ~ 100% biodiesel. Recently (a month ago), the car began starting with difficulty; but, eventually starts. I see lots of air in the clear line near the filter - then lots of bubbles after the car starts. It runs fine. Just noticed a slow drip of biodiesel on the high-pressure side of the pump (~ every 20-30 secs) when the car is running.

Is there anything that can be done to repair this (short of a diesel pump overhaul)? Thanks in advance!


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My guess is you have two problems. That slow leak and those bubbles, which also may be a leak indicator. A few small bubbles are OK on most TDIs but lots need to be addressed unless you want continued problems starting.

As I recall VW does not recommend over 20% bio on your engine, but I believe a lot of people due run more without problems.