Slow braking, thumping sound, Mazda5

Hey everyone. I’m new here. I have a 2009 Mazda5. Recently, I’ve been having a slew a car issues on and off and have taken the car in every time. Btw-I have 114k miles, auto trans. Anyways, I recently had the front lower control arm replaced, both sway bars, and all rotors & brake pads. Now, just two days after the new rotors & brake pads, my car has been making a thumping noise (thump-thump-thump-thump) whenever I do a slow brake. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I’ve read online it can be warped rotors, but again, I JUST had those replaced. I’m not too car savvy, so I have no idea what it could be now.

Go back to the place that did the work. Something is wrong and it needs to be corrected right now.

I have an appointment this Friday morning to go back in-it’s the soonest they could get me in again -_-
Just worried in the meantime and wondering what it could be

It could be one of the new rotors is bad. It happens. It could be something else but all is just a guess without eyes on the car. Just be careful driving until Friday. The safest is to park the car until you take it in.

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Sometimes a rotor is warped in the process of installing it because the lug nuts that hold the wheel on are tightened too tightly. If you ask the service desk whether they use a properly set torque wrench to set the lug nuts, I’m sure you’ll be told that the mechanics know what they are doing. That’s like patting you on the head and saying, “Don’t worry, little lady, the man with the greasy hands will take care of everything.” It’s patronizing nonsense. Ask anyway and tell them you want them torqued to specification, because your life depends on it.

I took the car out for a drive for a while, going 35-40miles, doing slow brakes, doing 20-25, coming to a stop, for about 20 minutes and the thumping went away. About an hour later, I went to pick up my son from school (10min drive) and it was fine, but when we drove home, it was back to the thumps. I do have a friend’s dad (used to work in a shop) who’s going to come by today or tomorrow afternoon to check it out & see if he can pinpoint what’s causing this.