Slight Squeaking from Rear End

My Outback has some squeaking coming from the rear end. The car is way too new (2014) to need shocks, but that is exactly what is sounds like. One side note, I drove it through the city at a very high rate of speed (family member emergency, long story) and was wondering if I could have damaged them in just one trip? The total drive time was probably 20 or 30 minutes / 5 miles, but the city roads contain plenty of potholes, etc.

The car isn’t exhibiting any other symptoms, alignment is fine, etc.

The only other thought I had was the storage compartment around the spare. I actually removed everything and drove it around for a bit and still got the same thing.

Thanks everyone

Can you push down on the rear end and reproduce the squeak?

The shocks can indeed squeak. A seal that is dry can make noise and not leak. Doesn’t hurt anything but it is annoying. I may go away by itself. You didn’t damage the shocks by fast driving. They are designed to and tested by being run over roads rough enough to make any normal (not Test) driver slow down.