Slight negative camber in back left tire


I just now realized my car has a slight camber in the back left tire and has had it for a few months after reviewing some pictures. Is it worth taking into the shop as someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend?

If any of your alignment numbers are off, that could wear out your tires prematurely and cost you money, so I’d say it’s worth having that checked. Do you see any uneven tire wear at this point?

On another note, driving an Audi without much money on hand could put you in a tough spot at some point. I’m afraid a more practical car would have been the better choice here.


The car is built with a lttle negative camber in the rear. Both sides should be the same.

Agree with everything @lion9car posted. Get an alignment before you prematurely wear out expensive tires.

Consider getting rid of this car if you have limited funds. Audis can be very expensive to service. Audi A4 owner here…


Check both side, if the camber is the same on the opposite rear wheel, then it’s probably normal.

Not the best choice of car if you’re the least bit concerned about operating costs.

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Those cars are designed to have negative camber, it enhances high speed handling and cornering. The downside is that the inner edges of the tires tend to wear out quicker, but that’s normal.

Looking at it in pictures doesn’t tell you much, get an alignment and look at all the alignment angles (post the results here and we can help you interpret them) and then decide what needs to be done, if anything.

I’m not trying to be flippant but that is not a car to own if cost of maintenance is a factor in your monthly budget. Trade it off for a Camry or Accord if you’re concerned about repair costs.

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How are tires wearing? Left/right

I was going to say something along those same lines but you guys beat me to it.
OTOH It will still look great sitting in the driveway waiting on the funds to repair.


We often repeat what previous responders have said, look at the MB-SL brake their,!

Camber would have to be off quite a bit before being able to observe it visually. If tires aren’t wearing unusually, and if handling seems ok, visual observation may be some sort of optical illusion. We have a place here in the San Jose hill-side area, where it looks like you are going uphill, when you aren’t. Called the San Jose Mystery Spot.

Only way to know for sure is a professional alignment.

Depends on the person, George. Spec for rear camber is likely 0.5 to 1.25 degrees negative… That is easy for me to see.

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