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Crappy traction. Ruining tires quickly

My car drives like crap in the snow or rain. My rear tires are kinda pointed inward like /____\ . I was going to buy shocks and struts for the car bc i read to that and take it in somewhere so they can do an alignment that my cambers are bad. Is there any other possibiltys? My tires are going quick. Its an 08 grand prix

That’s called “negative camber”. I really like the way you illustrated it. Ingenious.
Yup, there are many other possibilities, things that can cause negative camber. I strongly urge you to take your car to a reputable shop that does chassis work for a good look-see. Sounds like it’s overdue.

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How much crap are you carrying in the trunk? If not much, you need springs more than anything else. Your best bet would be a loaded strut (one that comes with new springs).

However, you really need it looked at by someone with a good reputation, it could be something cheaper that new struts.

BTW, do you have a knocking sound coming from the trunk when you hit a bump? If so, that could be the upper strut mounts.

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Old and saggy springs can cause the lowering of the rear end which can lead to negative camber.

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In my opinion, the published alignment specs are too wide by half. Not the target values, the tolerances! Your car needs to be within the inner half of the spec for good tire wear.

Also, it is common for vehicle manufacturers to specify large amounts of camber to get good handling - but if the toe isn’t exactly right, it will also result in bad tire wear. I think anything over 1 degree is problematic. The rear camber for a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix is 1.15 degrees plus or minus 0.75 degrees. That just plain too much.

So to the OP: Find an alignment shop and tell them to ignore that camber specs and dial as much camber out as they can - and make sure it gets below 1 degree, even if it takes a camber plate to do that.