Incorrect wheel alignment?


Hi everyone,

I’ve just had all 4 wheels aligned on my 2017 Audi TTS but upon inspecting the report there’s still some huge difference between left/right, with lots of red areas (as opposed to green).

I’ve attached the report below, could someone advise if this is massively incorrect (as I suspect)?

Notably, the offside rear camber is -2.10°, whereas the near side rear camber is -1.0°.

The alignment shop set toe (very well at that) and nothing else.

That alignment should make the car lead to the right. There may not be adjustment for camber (the -2.10 and the left front -1.6) without added parts and cost.

The shop that did the work should have explained all this.


Thanks for the quick reply! I’m experiencing a lot of shuddering from the rear upon hard acceleration, could that camber mismatch be the cause?

Regardless, it’s evident that the garage/shop didn’t align all 4 wheels which is what I paid for. If I’m not mistaken, the camber should be the same on both sides?

Then ask to talk to the shop manager .

Yes camber across each axle should be close to the same. Not sure if that alignment would cause shudder but it will cause accelerated tire wear.


Like Mustangman said, it appears they set the toe and did nothing else.

I am not familiar with Audi’s but it is likely Audi did not include adjustability in the suspension except for toe. What that means is that it is going to take some parts (eccentric bolt or a camber plate) to get the camber fixed. The shop should have told you such, but many shops don’t do that.

The basic disagreement is what did you actually pay for? They should have told you upfront that it might cost more if parts are needed - but they didn’t. I expect the shop to say, they can fix the camber, but it will cost more money - and refuse to do more unless you agree to that. You should complain about that - loudly - then argue for a discount.

Good Luck


Thanks all! I’ve been to other garages in the past and they’ve adjusted the camber, toe and caster where necessary. I’ve got it booked in at another garage tomorrow so hopefully they will align everything correctly.

If that’s the case, clearly the garage I’ve been to today just adjusted toe and that was it.

When did shudder start?

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It was about a week ago, it’s only under very hard acceleration that it’s noticeable. Feels like it’s coming from the rear, possibly the near side rear but it’s hard to tell whether it’s osr or nsr

OK , I give . What does that mean ?

Hard to tell if it’s offside rear (osr) or nearside rear (nsr)

That terminolgy is hardly used here in the US of A so you might be in the UK .


Apologies, yes I’m in the UK :slight_smile:

Document not entirely clear, maybe it came w/legend which you didn’t post. But from what I can glean

Front & rear toe both in spec.
Front caster, both wheels in spec.

Left front wheel: Camber is -1.6 deg, looks out of spec.
Right front wheel: Camber is -0.7 deg, look in spec
Left rear wheel: Camber is -1.0 deg, looks in spec
Right rear wheel: Camber is -2.1 deg, looks out of spec

From what I can tell, oblong holes on front ball-joint mount, so it should be possible to adjust the front camber. May involve sub-frame, so may be quite a bit of labor hours.

Seems like it should be possible to adjust rear camber as well, eccentric bolt method. Involves control arm and sub-frame, but doesn’t look as complicated as front.

I wouldn’t expect camber problem to be a cause of shuddering symptom. Severe out of toe could cause that, but toe seems to be spot on.

Note that just b/c you paid for an “alignment”, that doesn’t necessarily imply you paid to have everything about the wheels that can be aligned, aligned. As mentioned above, seems to be a communication problem of some sort with shop staff, as technicalities ideally would be explained so you can decide if you want to pay for the add’l alignment labor.

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Thanks for the detailed reply, yes they did an alignment check first & so surely as part of that they’d have been able to see if they can/can’t adjust camber where necessary. I’ve got it booked into another garage today, hopefully they can adjust camber, if so then it suggests the first garage just didn’t do it.

"… hopefully they can adjust camber … "

I hope that is just a figure of speech, because you ought to make sure they are going to both adjust the camber and tell you what any additional parts to do so cost BEFOREHAND.

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Hi George:
Help me understand how you’re seeing this from the picture that owool12 provided in the original post. Isn’t the caster still out of spec (6.10 and 6.40)?

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This is what I’ve done today, they said they will adjust camber so will get the alignment report later-on today.

There is a legend in the top-left of the photo & yes the caster is definitely out on that report

Sorry, misread chart. You are correct, caster is also a little out of spec. Acceptable minimum according to chart looks to be 6.9, OP’s is 6.1 and 6.4.

Wonder if in-spec alignment fixes rear end rumble?