Skoda Octavia groans over ramps

going over ramps my car makes a weird growning noise. but does not when it is wet.this is not my make of car but close enough. i have a skoda octavia …

More than likely, this is just a case of suspension bushings that are dry.
Have your mechanic lubricate them with a compatible lube and the noise should go away.


Thank you good call

Are you sure it’s not your passengers groaning because they’re riding in a Skoda Octavia? Any good defenestrations lately?

It’s just a cheaper VW or some say same thing only less costly.

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Trust me–most forum members won’t catch onto the significance of that jest.
And, until I toured Prague Castle, I wasn’t familiar with that part of Czech history.

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It was in my high school history, and I’m a young’un in this forum.

During the Prague Spring (1968) the death of Jan Masaryk (1948) was reconsidered: originally called a suicide, many decided that it was an assassination; he was thrown/jumped from a window. This reminded me of its predecessors. I wasn’t following current affairs in Prague in 1948 - @Triedaq ?

They moan because of the :notes:


I’m guessing the OP is telling us that his car is rebelling against the music that he plays.

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I watch British detective shows. A police Sargent introduced himself, said his first name was Pushkarr, detective said Pushkarr?
Sergeant says yes, it is Hindi for Skoda.

These days they’re pretty well regarded, VW equipment.

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I was dead in 1948, but have been to the castle twice but this doesn’t ring a bell. Our hosts were very gracious but I just couldn’t stand their food.

Yeh… but at least I don’t drive an audi. Which stands for. AN UNDERDEVELOPED DRIVER INSIDE…

Yeh… but at least I don’t drive an audi. Which stands for. AN UNDERDEVELOPED DRIVER INSIDE…:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Did they serve the traditional huge, leaden “dumpling” with dinner? I tried one or two, and decided to forgo that junk food from there on in. I thought that most of the food was… okay… but those “dumplings” were a no-go for me.

However, the beer was incredibly good. Did you get a chance to sample the beer at the atmospheric U Fleku Beer Hall? Even the bottled Pilsner Urquell is excellent.

Just to keep this on an automotive footing, while motoring from The Czech Republic to Germany, we traveled on a highway that was one of the original Nazi-built Autobahns. What was considered to be a “superhighway” in the '30s & '40s is today an outmoded road with entry and exit lanes that are far too short. I hate to think of how long it took the cars from that era to get up to highway speed while negotiating entry lanes that are about 1/3 the length of those on modern roads.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of traveling on that limited-access highway was going to one of their rest stops–which served seemingly unlimited amounts of the fantastic Czech beer. :grimacing:

Lots of beer consumption, coupled with driving on an outmoded highway…
What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah might have been the dumplings. Had 'em two nights in a row. Not a beer drinker so never tried the beer but others liked it. Since we were on a bus, I never paid a lot of attention to the roads but do remember the border patrol and the girls on the road advertising their wares just over the line. Not my type.

We were also on a bus (euphemistically referred to as “a coach”), so I was glad that I didn’t personally have to maneuver around drunk drivers on those seriously-outdated highways. And, the bulk of that Dutch bus gave us good protection, I guess.

I clearly recall the old, unimproved German-Czech Autobahn, and for those who are familiar with the NYC metro area, if you think about NY’s awful Belt Parkway, that gives you a good idea of what those old Autobahns are like.

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Do you recall seeing any of these Tatra cars when you were in Prague?

We were staying at the Diplomat Hotel, and every time that I exited from the front entrance there were one or two Tatra taxis (of indeterminate age) waiting for fares. I didn’t ride in one, but just seeing these very unusual (rear-mounted, air-cooled V-8!) was somewhat of a visual treat.

These Tatra sedans were prized by Eastern Bloc officials because they were the only good-quality cars manufactured behind the Iron Curtain.

I probably did but didn’t register. Maybe we were on the same trip. Our good friend somehow ended up owning a tour company and would run a couple holocaust tours a year out of Amsterdam. After living through the war in the Netherlands, that was his passion and Prague was on the list. Then our church group included it in another tour of more biblical sites. Kinda like a blur though with a different hotel and country every day just about.

In Italy though I kind of jokingly said we have seen all these ruins so how about we take a tour of the Fiat plant. I mean after a while they all look the same.