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Skoda octavia 1.6 (2001) GEARBOX PROBLEM

Hope someone can help!

The gearbox on my skoda octavia 1.6 2001 estate has packed in!

Is it possible to fit a volkswagon AKL 1999 1.6 gearbox to my skoda octavia engine code AVU?

Would appreciate the help


I’ve seen a big block with blower shoehorned in a 66 Fiat 500 at a race track once so - sure - anything is possible.
You should ask this question in a Skoda forum, though. We don’t see too many Skodas on this side of the pond, let alone someone that has adapted a transmission for it.

This forum is more for main stream car users with semi ho-hum regular issues.

@RemcoW ; I agree, Skodas have not been sold this side of the Atalntic for a lot of years. However, since VW bought Skoda with the fall of Communism, most Skodas now are economy Volkswagens. A friend in England has one and it is quite possible that yours can use a VW gearbox.

But it takes a good mechanic to determine that.