Mitsubishi Galant 6A13 gearbox swap

So I’ve had my project Mitsubishi Galant for a while now. It has a 2.5 V6 (6A13 engine with a 5 speed manual) and it turns out, as I feared, that I’m in need of a new gearbox but I’m having an extremely hard time finding another gearbox and since I’m in Finland, where Galants are much rarer, it’s much harder finding spare parts.
So my question is, are there any other gearboxes that will fit? The one I have is called F5M42, so what would match it? It obviously needs to be able to handle the power and bolt right on with as little complications as possible.

Sorry for bad english and thank you in advance.

You’ll want to post this on Mitsubishi forums, that’s a very specific question.


The car was assembled in the USA and at several plants in East Asia. You might look for parts there. I don’t know what other languages you use, but there are likely English language resources in the Philippines, Australia/New Zealand, and maybe Japan.

I did a search on eBay for transmissions and came up with this. You might look here and try other searches for what you want. If nothing else, it’s a source of parts for other things you might need in the future.

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Ebay is a lousy source for used auto parts.

I know of a few people how bought used parts from Ebay that were much less complicated than a gear box and got ripped off.



I checked 3 different sources and they only show a 1998 Galant as having a 2.4L 4 cylinder, I was going to check out a parts interchange site but no V6 shown…
Is this a 1998 and would it be different here in the US??
I show a 1999 having a 3.0L V6 but not a 2.5L V6… Sorry…

Using the engine type listed by the OP, I found this looking in Wiki-

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OP - why replacement instead of repair/rebuild?

As usual I guess I am missing something or the person has not said if they tried this . Norway and Sweden both show Mitsubishi dealers . Have you called them to see if they know of a source or repair shop .

Yeah, still not showing it… lol

But it does look like the F5M42 has a few different gear sets, so that could help or hurt the performance of the vehicle…

Looks like is was used in the 2000–2006 Dodge Stratus (2.4L - 2.7L)…

I have contacted them, Mitsubishi dealers cannot help. Thanks for suggestion tho.

Repair will most likely cost more than just replacing it, I’m in need of a new clutch kit as well so since I need to drop the gearbox anyways I might as well replace the gearbox at the same time, if I can find one of course lol.

Can you please give us an idea what’s going on?

Pops out of gear?

grinding gears?

Is there any chance all or most of the problems are due to the clutch?

As a follow on, here’s a rebuild kit. Maybe it connects the parts you need.

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Well I needed to replace a bunch of parts worth up to over 1000$ because the clutch was slipping a little, I took it to a workshop where I would later find out that one of the bearings in the gearbox had messed up the 4th gear sync, which made it pop out of gear, the clutch and pretty much ruined the whole gearbox because the previous owner was reckless. Not to mention that there was way too little transmission fluid in it.
According to the previous owner, the car have been making a horrible grinding noise for years but ran without any issues. He ignored the signs which led to this situation.

Thank you, I will save that link for later.

Thanks, but unfortunately that same transaxle fits a lot of different vehicle and engines, although the internals may all be very close if not the same, the input shaft, gear ratios may be different, but the bell housing is not…

The hard thing about the OP’s vehicle is I think the vehicle is a Euro combo only which makes it hard to track down info in the US… :man_shrugging:

That is what took out the transmission, not the slipping clutch…

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If the damage is to bearings and synchros a rebuild will fix it. If gears are damaged, that’s a bigger problem. Which is it, OP?

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The car was only built in East Asia and the USA. Which factory built the European version? It seems to me that wherever it was built might have greater access to the needed parts. Just trying to learn something.

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I’ve checked Napa Pro, O’Reilly’s, Advanced, AZ, RockAuto, parts geek, flagship one, and WIT (transmissions) sites and none show a V6 for 1998, much less the 2.5L V6 here in the USA…

As far as I can tell, the 1998 Galant 2.5L V6 manual trans does not exist for the US market…