1994 Nissan Maxima runs rough occasionally

1994 Maxima SE 5 speed manual with 178k runs great when engine is cold, then a cylinder starts missing. Symptom is worse in low gears. Then, miles and miles without a miss. Replaced rear ignition coil and it seemed to fix the problem… for about 20 miles, then it started missing again. And stops missing… for miles.


Here are some Maxima owners who have had similar problems:

Some of the causes were:

Bad voltage regulator
Bad ignition wires
Dirty MAF sensor
Old injectors needing rebuild/replacement

I have a 1993 maxima SE (automatic) that was having a lot of problems about 6 months ago.
One of the problems was rough idle and missing I had to replace a lot of parts to fix all the problems, replacing the MAF fixed the rough idle and missing.

check the connector on the MAF particularly the ground wire, make sure the pins are clean and the ground wire is seated good.cleaning the sensor part wouldn`t hurt either but use MAF cleaner anything else will be to caustic and will damage the sensor., if worse comes to worse you might have to replace it but you can get one pretty cheap on E-bay.
I got lucky and got a new MAF for $20 on Ebay, but they typically run about $50 on EBay, the dealer and the part stores will charge you over $150