Skim or Skreem , the anti-theft system in Chrysler vehicles

Before I go into details I’d like to know if anyone on here feels fairly knowledgeable about this system ?

Don’t you think a few details such as the vehicle in question and why you are asking. And I have no idea what a Skeem is. is a site devoted to Chrysler Corp. (now Fiat Chrysler) vehicles past, present and future. It’s a good place for you to ask this question.

“I have no idea what a Skeem is.”

This is just a wild guess, I think that he might be referring to a schematic diagram of the security system in his mystery vehicle. However, I could be completely wrong…

I think he means scheme, as in scam, but we will see.

Chrysler calls their ant-theft system SKIS. Sentry Key Immobilizer System.


SKIM and SKREEM are the names of the modules. The Sentry Key Remote Entry Module integrates the transponder receiver module and the remote entry module into one module.

OK , I neglected to put the the r in skreem . I’ll post more on the subject later .