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2005 Chrysler Crossfire - diagnostic help needed

05 Crossfire Limited Roadster was running good…no problems. Went in store for 10 minutes came out…no start… had to be towed to repair shop. Was first told it was skreem module… two months later was told it was the alarm module was defective… clock still turning no results from shop. Need help…Thanks

What in the world is a “skreem” module??

You have a shop that works on the car. If you don’t trust that shop, find another to do the diagnosis. If you want us to confirm that the alarm module is indeed defective… well, we can’t do that over the internet.

What help do you need?

The technicians at a Mercedes dealer should be more familiar than the Chrysler dealer with the immobilizer system on this vehicle, I remember many Chrysler techs struggling with Crossfires and Sprinters.

SKREEM = Sentry Key Remote Entry Module