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Sitting & oil & transmission? PLEASE READ AGAIN

i bought a 1993 buick skylark that sat in a garage for 2 years without being started. it has 47700 miles on it. it runs. do i need to do anything to it? The oil was changed on 1/22/09, only 500mi. was put on. when I change the oil should I go to a synthetic oil? The engine is a V6 3300. Should I use an additive when I change the transmission fiuid? What is a interference engine?

Well, it would have been best to do a couple of things to prep it before it was started again for the first time, but by your wording, it seems that ship has sailed. So get the oil and transmission fluid changed (changed! not flushed) and drive on.

Take a look at the hoses and make sure they are not bulging. If they are, they should be replaced. Inspect the spark plug wires. If they are cracked, replace them. Check the belt(s). If they re severely cracked or stretched too much, replace them.

I’m an advocate of synthetic oil, but you are not required to use it in this car. Do get the oil changed, and I’d consider a high-mileage oil which should have a good detergent package and possibly a conditioner that will help keep seals that have dried out from leaking. Then I’d change it again soon, like after 1,000 miles.

If this engine uses a timing belt and is an interference engine, I’d consider getting that done immediately too.

This engine uses good old push rod technology. An interference engine has the valve geometry such that the valves and the pistons intrude on each other’s space. Hopefully, not at the same time.

On timing belt engines, if the belt breaks than the valves stop moving but the pistons do not and they collide.