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Sinkhole Swallows 8 Corvettes

Don’t let this happen to your sleek black beauties:

Watch it start here:

Wow. Good thing the security cameras caught the culprit. :slight_smile:

THAT, my friends, is the difference between a pothole and a sinkhole!

Made more sense when I found out Mammoth cave was only a few miles away…

Uff Da (ND term that seems appropriate Uff pronounced like oops and short a)

They’re looking at recovering most if not all of the cars from what i’ve been reading, as far as restoring the damage who knows?

Anyone with a crane want a new car ?

I just read that all of the cars still sitting on the floor have been moved to safety. (How can they be SURE about that?) They will retrieve the cars in the hole, but some of them have quite a bit of damage.

If you go to the museum’s web page, they’ve posted quite a few photos. They’re pretty starteling to look at.

That is a tremendous shame. Been there and saw that area. The cars down the hole were some prime rides. I guess I felt just a smidge better that none of those were reported to be personal collector cars which they have quite a few of on display.

25 feet deep? Wow if you can’t trust solid ground, what can you trust. I went through the ice once as a kid, and for a long time even walking on concrete made me think of falling through. Don’t like this one bit.

I don’t know if many understand how really unstable the ground is under many areas. There is really no such thing as solid ground in some places. Unless the bedrock is really deep, you need to do a lot of test drilling before you build a large heavy building. Things can change quickly too if the building around the one in question disrupts anything. No one saw this comming I guess. But like much of California and many parts of the rest of the world, many are just living on borrowed time

Went looking for more videos and there’s one with an r.c. helicopter camera that goes down in the hole. You can clearly see a much much deeper hole waay down there and the hole’s void reaches way under the remaining floor surface…it’s not over yet.
Getting a crane in there will be one huge risk.

Here’s that drone video. Pretty amazing.

Very neat video. The whole region is cris-crossed with caves, so somebody could (if they weren’t too smart) climb down into those unstable holes and map a whole new cave system.

Those cars are gong to be there a while…

Wow. Makes me all the more antsy to sell and move from the house I inherited, as it sits on top of a cave like a majority of homes in this immediate area.

Thank goodness this happened at night an no visitors or staff were injured.

Here’s some background:

I forgot how close the plant was to Mammoth caves. Been there a few times when I was stationed at Ft Campbell. They still haven’t been able to explore all of Mammoth caves. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the plant was built over one of it’s undiscovered caverns.

I’m not a sink hole expert but in other areas I believe a high water table that washes away the limestone layer is a major contributor. You would think that before building, soil samples would have been taken to determine the quality of the ground and if there was a cave underneath.