Simple Owner-Friendly Maintenance Schedule Document

I used to be able to get a short booklet listing the maintenance schedule for my vehicles. Now all I seem to find is long documents with lists that are not user friendly at all. My owner’s manual has a cute set of boxes that the dealer can use, with a place for the dealer to stamp with his information and a box for a signature. I wonder if dealers still use rubber stamps. I’m looking for a document that is self contained like this:

Please note: This has been updated with an actual example, which I downloaded from

That is in your owners manual .

True it is in your owners manual, but as the OP state *not * user friendly. Requires a bit of digging to sort it out. Heck, just the manual for the infotainment center is 20X longer than the owners manual from the sixties.

Use your word or excel program and make one from the owners manual and post it on your garage wall ’
I guess this is a new vehicle ? , so have the service done at the dealer until your warranty is over. Also see if you qualify for the severe service schedule.


Your reading skills are excellent, Purebred, thank you. The owner’s manual lists a lot of intervals and mileage/time between maintenance tasks, but it isn’t particularly user friendly. I have read many maintenance schedules, service manuals and just plain vehicle manuals, but they are looking more like “gotta put this in there to CMA” rather than more owner-oriented guides. Guess that makes me a true geezer!!

The manual lists three different driving conditions:

  1. normal
  2. severe, and
  3. extreme.
    Not an easy cut and paste job, but that’s how I’ll probably need to proceed.

And by the way, here is a picture of the cute little boxes the dealership mechanics are supposed to use (10 pages of them, to be precise):

Just ignore that chart. You are making this way to difficult. Oil change and filter , do both at xxxx miles or xx months by which ever type of service applies to you. Brake fluid exchange every 3 years , transmission fluid exchange every 30000 miles or what ever makes you feel comfortable . engine coolant I do every 5 years , tire rotation at 5000 or 6000 and your manual will say when to change the air filter and cabin filter . If you have a timing belt then xxxx miles or xx years.

You have not said if this a new vehicle or used. If used then some of the service items may not have been done.