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Silverstar High Performance Headlamp Blubs

I find that I have to replace these bulb every nine months, and most of my driving is during the daylight. One auto parts place recommended bulb grease.

Any suggestions how I might extend the life of these costly bulbs?


are you avoiding touching them with your bare hands when installing them? If not, that’s why they keep burning out.

The light that burns twice as bright only burns half as long…

You are using gloves to handle the bulbs are you not?? They must be kept spotless, no skin oil…

Silverstars simply do not last long. I have used them and did not notice enough of a difference to justify the added expense of paying extra for them and having to replace them frequently. Try something cheaper; it will last longer.

Buy the standard cheaper bulb. They last longer, and you really won’t notice a significant difference in brightness at night.

Try the Sylvania XtraVision bulb. It has become my favorite, and I’ve tried them all, including the illegal high-wattage bulbs.

Nine months is not very long. The XtraVisionn bulbs will last longer, assuming you don’t touch the glass when you install them, and they give a nice, bright light.

I’ve been using them on my 2000 Blazer, I get 3 - 4 years out of a set. Make sure the interior of the bulb housing is dry before installing the bulb. As stated, don’t touch the bulb with your bare hands.

Ed B.

I used those bulbs on my Bronco and the lastest at least 3 years, (they were still working when I sold it). I have them on my Mustang as well and they’ve lasted about 3 years so far. As others said it’s a huge no-no to touch the bulb with your skin, the oil will compromise the bulb when the bulb is turned on and heated up.

My friend uses Silverstars and swears by them. But they do go out a lot more frequently than normal halogens. As others have said, any skin oil or dirt on the bulb can cause an early failure. You can try gently wiping them down with rubbing alcohol with a lint-free cloth to remove any oils after installing them. (do not power up until the alcohol has evaporated)