what are the thoughts on best quality/brightness over the counter replacement headlight bulbs?? any brand thats great or bad?


I bought some of the “bright” bulbs at an AutoZone, I think they were the “Silver Star” brand. They provided a “blue” light but I couldn’t really see a difference in a better view from the driver’s seat.

What I did notice is they didn’t last very long. The car was a Volvo which ran with “Daytime Running Lights”. This car used low beams as the DRL. Perhaps that is why they didn’t last for me. They burned out in about a year, but the car was only used for 10K miles in that year.

Not very good life for expensive bulbs so I replaced them with standard cheaper bulbs.


thats what im hearing, silver stars no good. your not the only person to say that they dont last.


I found at the sylvania canada website that halogen headlamps (H-7 in my case) have a range of life from a pathetic 80 hours up to 520 hours in the long life version.

The standard H7 bulbs are $19.00 and the long life are $23.00.

I have no idea what you can do about the brightness problem & as i recall the chart showed the silverstars as an 80 hour bulb.

That would explain UncleTurbos experience with them.