Changing your headlight bulbs

I CHANGED THE  BULB FROM A HIGH INTENSITY FAN TYPE TO A REGULAR BULB  its not white  but penetrates better if you know your physics

Thanks for the information…I think

I don’t read anything that requires scrolling.

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I thought the scrolling issues like that were resolved a long time ago… @lesabre1 how did you do that?

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I CHANGED THE BULB FROM A HIGH INTENSITY FAN TYPE TO A REGULAR BULB its not white but penetrates better if you know your physics

Well good for you. That’s really taking the initiative…maybe.


Still would like to know how the scrolling thing works. I think I could drive people nuts

you can scroll side to side or up and down , theirs a bar on the side and bottom

Whatever this is about but I use the Silverstars. About $50 for a pair. Still waiting for my old ones to burn out on year two.

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I liked SilverStars initially, but my first set blew (one by one) in under 1 year, second one followed on the same schedule, probably I have more driving at night.

Now I’m using Sylvania XtraVision or Philips Vision. These have the same lumens ratings as SilverLights, but “color temperature” is lower, so the “cool factor” is not there, it is important for some people, but I prefer more yellowish light and longer bulb life. Half the price of SilverStars

I replace them every 30K miles, do not want to get them burned and for me to search for how to remove the front fender inside linings in the snow, Nissans are pain in the butt to replace bulbs.

I bought the orange colored paged bulbs with a gold tip on the bulb and they are still yellowish but OK for me

now IM wondering if your Sylvania XtraVision are brighter than mine . there are so many versions out there And they all say the brightest even though we know that is sales Hype. here’s a chart and the white on top is not the way they look there is yellow tint in there

here you go:

So, their BRIGHTNESS is the SAME, moreover, this is the maximum brightness allowed under regulation, so no other “miracle bulbs” will deliver more, not counting HIDs, which have their own set of issues in the light housings not intended to be used with HIDs (in short: DON’T).

The difference is in “color temperature”:

So, while you perceive that SilverStar is “brighter” due to its blueish hue, in the end it is only about your perception, the amount of light down the road is the same, these are “Lumens” above.

Further, bluish part of the spectrum is more prone to be dispersed/lost in bad weather conditions, so what is perceived to be brighter, is not necessarily helping you out when it matters the most.

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Well correction. I’ve got the Silverstar Ultras now that I look. The first set lasted one year but the second set is exceeding two years. I’ve had the replacements hanging above the bench waiting for them to go out. I do both when one goes since it’s only a matter of time easier.

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I just buy the mid priced bulbs at the parts store. Not the cheapest, because I figure they’re just cheap. Not the most expensive, because I figure those are just overpriced.

That’s just how I roll, people.


thanks for the lumens 1,000 the same

Perception of brightness is what matters, rather than absolute light output measured across all frequencies. Our eyes and brains do not the respond equally to all frequencies within the visible spectrum.

Yes, and bluer light (higher color temperature) is much more blinding for oncoming drivers, as well as worse for the environment in a variety of ways.

If the lights are blinding oncoming drivers, they are not aimed properly, regardless of the color temperature.

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Higher color temperature lights are worse for everyone else, regardless of the aiming.