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Silverado Shift Solenoid

2001 Chevy Silverado, 1500 4X4, 121k Miles. Service engine light checked with result of bad shift solenoid. Where is this solenoid located? Can I get to it easily? Thanks

In the pan on the valve body. There is an “A” and “B” shift solenoid, change them both. Simple to replace, drop pan, remove filter, disconnect connectors on both solenoids, remove clips which hold solenoids in, pull them out, install new ones, reconnect both connectors, install new filter, clean pan , install pan, torque pan bolts to 95" (INCH) pounds, refill with Dexron (Between 5-6 quarts) You’re done.


Do one of these shift solinoids operate the trailer/load hauling mode in the transmission? My 2001 Silverado with the 5.3 engine no longer works in the tow/haul mode. Nothing happens when I push the button on the end of the shift lever. I seldom tow anything heavy, and then not for any distance, but it would be nice to know if there is an easy fix.

The shift solenoids shift the transmission through the gears. The Transmission controller (TCU) controls the shift points, and that button just changes the programming of the TCU to bump up the line pressure and shift at different points, also turning off the overdrive function. If that button does nothing, the thing to do is pop the button out and make sure it is functioning correctly. Then check the wiring through the column. After that, the TCU needs to be checked by a competent transmission shop.