Transmission forward in all gears help

Hello all, I am finally joining the site after reading it for some time now. I have just completed replacing shift solenoids on my 2011 HHR. I now have a transmission that wants to go forward in all shift positions. It shifted fine before repair. I had the P0700 and P0842 combo plate. I decided to replace the pressure switch manifold, pressure control solenoid, and both shift solenoids. I also replaced the trans pan and filter. My question is; does anyone think I may have reversed the plugs between the two solenoids? I have checked all of my external connections and fluid level. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

If “it shifted fine before repair”, why did you change those solenoids?

As my post stated I had 2 codes. These codes are for the pressure manifold switch assembly. The solenoids are prone to failure in these GM transmissions and for $15 each I decided to replace them due to the 4 hours of labor to get the cover off. Hope that answers your question.

My first guess would be to check the linkage if applicable, make sure it is not being obstructed or out of range. I am not familiar enough to know the transmission, perhaps looking at a schematic to see what gets it into reverse could be helpful if it is electronically controlled. Assuming all is fine except reverse.

Hey there Barkydog, the transmission literally tries moving forward in all positions, drive, neutral, reverse, and even in park it lurches if revved up. I’m assuming I did something stupid so looking forward to tearing down again. If someone thought it was crossed solenoids I would just swap the wires in the external plug to fix but, the more I look into it, the more I think I need eyes inside again.