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Silicone spray on electrical connectors, rubber and plastics

I’ve used silicone spray all around my engine on rubber and plastics for a long time (mainly to prevent cracking and keep out moisture)The CRC spray can says "NOT FOR PLASTICS)…I’m surprised (since many have recommended it for keeping moisture out of electrical connectors) It says that it’s used on rubber so I 'll continue with it on CV Boots. I sometimes use Armor all in a pinch. …Any other opinions ?..Thanks, Mike

I’ve used WD-40 on various rubber components for decades and have yet to ever see a problem because of it.

One dealer I used to work for was very thorough with PDIs (pre-delivery inspection) and part of the inspection involved going over all door, trunk, hood seals, etc with WD-40 as it aided in preventing sticking doors due to moisture and cold weather.