2004 Chevy Venture Trans Shuddering noise


Hey, I have a 2004 Chevy Venture van w/ 90,000 miles, never had any major problems, trans fluid never changed. Maybe once every 5/6 days after driving for a few miles normally,after stopping for a red light, upon acceleration the whole car shudders like the Titanic for 1/2 seconds. Take your foot of the gas and it runs fine. Whole car shakes like driving over rumble strips. Anybody ever heard of this? Is it the trans? Shoud I change fluid or is it too late? Thanks Marcopolo


There MAY be dirt getting into a solenoid.

The tranny fluid and filter should have been changed around 60k at most.

I have a 2000 Silhouette (sister to your vehicle) and my tranny had a slight shudder before it started to ‘harsh shift’.

I used to tow a Coleman hrdtp camper with it and changing the fluid and filter (more often) fixed it. Maybe just luck for a change, but that was two years ago and I don’t tow with it anymore.

I bought a Tahoe to pull my 21’ TT.


Apparently I didn’t read your post closely enough.

It wouldn’t seem to be tranny trouble here.

I would suspect a vacuum leak or possible MAF sensor fault.


Definately have a drivability man look at it first before condemning the transmission. While there are transmission components which would cause the symptoms you describe, its better to check the engine out first.