Signs of bad struts


I have a 1999 Audi A8 and I think the struts/shocks need to be replaced. I live in the College Park MD area and my car has around 100,000 miles on it. The front right wheel compartment has been making a lot of squeaky and metal grinding noise when i go over bumps and stop and go. I got a quote for new struts/shocks for just the front and it was $1300. But when I look up shock absorbers I price them at $123.00 How is this possible and do i have the correct problem dignoasis?


A strut can make that kind of noise but a sway bar could also do the same thing. So could a dry ball joint or tie rod end.

I think you’re confusing shock and strut. A shock is usually cheaper but still way expensive on an Audi. A quick look shows shocks at about 130 each and most car parts houses do not even list struts as being available.

An on-line look shows struts, NOT shocks, at around 400 to 500 bucks apiece; and yes, they’re always replaced in pairs.
Ouch. Welcome to the Audi world.


I went on out looked under the car today… the ball joint boot was ripped and the joints were faily dry. How can i replace this?


could this be my problem?


Yes, a dry tie rod end can creak, groan, squeek, or even pop like a firecracker.

This is a safety issue and since it’s a recall, and absolutely free of charge to you, then I would advise getting this repaired quickly.

Mitsubish had a similar recall on the Galant in regards to rubber boots and lower ball joints.
Unfortunately, Mitsubishi had a very narrow standard of what constitutes a fault and dismissed a lot of them as fine.
There have been a number of lower ball joint failures even after the recall was done and the joints signed off on.
One of my daughter’s cars was one of them when a ball joint broke but luckily, it was while turning into a driveway.
Mitsubishi still won’t do anything about that one.

I don’t think you will run into this kind of problem with VW/Audi.


Well, Audi says they informed the owners 8 years ago. This car does have 100K and 8 years on the clock. Chances are the recall work has probably been done, and your on the hook for the fix. Ouch, I’ll bet the revised estimate will be higher.


Make sure the lug nuts are tight.