Side view mirrors in line of vision for short people

As I’ve been test friving cars for the past two weeks I’ve encoutered a problem that has me stumped and unable to purchase a new car. The side view mirrors are directly in my line of vision, This is according to the sales reps. due to a change in where they have been located due to side curtain impact bags. My 96 Volvo had side impact bags but the position of mirrors have changed on all models I’ve since tried. I do not want a suv or crossover- too big for me. I am looking for a sedan.The toyota dealer has said they can have an upholstere recushion the seat to lift me up above the mirror but I am reluctant to do so- pay for a car before you’ve sat in the finished product?? Certainly I can’t be the only person that is “faced” with a side mirror instead of seeing the street! Please help. I need a new car!

My short driver brings her own pillow from car to car for instant adjustment.
In the 06 Escape hybrid she doesn’t need the pillow because the seat has sufficient adjustment built in.

On every car you test with electric seats ( Mustang’s manual seat has height adjustment too ) put the adjustments all the way up, both front and back, before adjusting angle. Then view the mirrors to see if they agree with you.

If not, try the pillow idea. A good pillow for cars is the one you find in the store for kitchen chairs.

I just asked my short driver about this.
She says it’s one of those things you get used to after a short while and you’ll never notice it after that. It’s odd right now because it’s new and different. Give the mirrors a go if the rest of the car fits your needs.
( she uses; 99 Mitsubishi Galant, 92 Ford Explorer, & 06 ford hybrid Escape and has NO issues with mirrors )

( kind of like when a bug splats on the windshield. At first you think ‘geez, that’s right in my line of sight.’ But after ten miles or so you don’t really notice anymore. )