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Side Mirror Switch Illuminating Lamp

The electric side mirror switch illuminating lamp on my 2000 Buick Century is burned out. It is a tiny “grain of wheat” incandescent, soldered onto the circuit board. Might anyone know what the milliwattage of these lamps are so I could order some on

Why not just replace the switch?{adtype}&msclkid=1f06145098fa13f49b6149264270943f&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=CPS-BNGPLA-Margin%2030%20to%2039%20percent&utm_term=4577335626432595&utm_content=CPS-BNGPLA-Margin%2030%20to%2039%20percent-Medium%20Mover%20Adgroup&gclid=CPj3m8DtxOQCFQsVgQodzjEGOA&gclsrc=ds


It’s probably about 1/10 watt. Look at the bulb carefully with a magnifying glass, for then take a look at this link, maybe you can spot the exact replacement part. It’s probably works on 12-14 volts, so focus on miniature incandescent bulbs rated for that voltage and sub-1 watt.

As posted above, the method most likely to succeed is to simply buy a replacement switch. If you don’t want to pop for a new part, you can probably buy one used from an auto recycler.